Our Bold Campaigns and Bold Goals

The Climate Smart Plan includes five Bold Campaigns, each with at least one Bold Goal. Each Bold Campaign activates a different combination of the nine Climate Smart strategies.

An infographic listing the five Bold Campaigns of Climate Smart San Jose, and the Bold Goals associated with each Bold Campaign. These are listed in text below the infographic.

Infographic text for accessibility:

The five Bold Campaigns and their associated goals are:

Renewables and electrification

1. By 2021, San José Clean Energy (SJCE) will offer 100 percent greenhouse gas-free power as a base product.

2. By 2040, San José will be the world’s first one gigawatt solar city.

3. By 2030, 60 percent of all passenger vehicles in the city will be electric, making us the electric car capital of the U.S.

4. From 2020, 100 percent of new homes will be Zero Net Energy (ZNE) and, by 2030, 25 percent of existing homes will be energy efficient and all-electric.

Meet our jobs to employed resident (J/ER) target

5. By 2030, San José will create an additional 22 million square feet of commercial workspace located within a half mile of transit.

Work toward our focused growth target

6. By 2030, San José will have developed 40,000 dwelling units in its urban villages and focused growth areas.

Reduce per capita vehicle miles traveled

7. By 2040, only four out of ten commute trips in San José will be taken in single-occupancy vehicles.

Reduce per capita water use

8. By 2030, San José will reduce its per capita residential water consumption by 30 percent compared to 2009 levels.