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Economy: Jobs per Employed Resident

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Why is this a Climate Smart indicator?

  • Creating local, transit-accessible jobs will reduce the need for commuter car journeys. This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, traffic, air and stormwater pollution and the number of accidents. This will also increase quality of life by reducing the amount of time spent commuting.

What is the City doing to make progress on this indicator?


  • 50,200 jobs have been created in San José since 2012, and efforts are underway to bring businesses to San José at different income tiers in order to create inclusive and accessible middle-income pathways for our residents. These include participating in the Bay Area Urban Manufacturing Initiative and plans to locate new commercial development and 85 percent of new jobs near transit modes.
  • In early 2016, Council adopted a 24-month Economic Strategy work plan that was intended to direct work through the end of the economic cycle. The work-plan sought to regain jobs and revenue through business support, funding and streamlining City processes to reduce business costs. This included the sale of 16.6 acres of land for approximately $36.4 million and meetings held with more than 300 companies.
  • Completed high-quality, integrated public art as part of the Bus Rapid and Berryessa’s BART station through a partnership with VTA.

In Progress / Ongoing

  • Through the City’s ongoing business outreach efforts, incorporate focused retention and expansion visits with companies located within, or appropriately suited to location in, key employment areas.
  • Partner with local companies, associations and agencies to identify unique attributes of the local economy that enhance San Jose’s value add in attracting new companies and investment.
  • Promote the key attributes of areas experiencing significant development to businesses looking to expand in or move to San Jose, the brokerage community and property owners and developers working in the area.
  • Facilitate the development of a massive new mixed-use corporate campus within the Diridon Station Area. The project would include retail and housing and bring as many as 20,000 jobs to the downtown over the next decade.



About the data


Data on the numbers of jobs and employed residents came from the City of San José Office of Economic Development. For each year, the total number of jobs is calculated as the sum of the number of payroll jobs, received from the California Employment Development Department, and an estimate of the number of self-employed jobs, from the American Community Survey. Data on the number of employed residents is also from the California Employment Development Department.


Margins of Error (MOE) are provided for every American Community Survey estimate. The MOE measure the possible variation of the estimate around the population value with a confidence level defined by the Census Bureau (standard – 90 percent). Due to the nature of San José’s incorporated boundary and overlapping ZIP codes with other cities, there may be data inaccuracies, but these would not significantly impact the data cited for this indicator.

Last updated

March 2020