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Energy: Household Energy Use

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Why is this a Climate Smart indicator?

  • In 2021, San José Clean Energy will start delivering 100 percent carbon-neutral electricity to all customers. Until then, reducing household electricity use will contribute to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • Burning natural gas in water heaters, space heaters, clothes dryers, and other household appliances generates CO2, a greenhouse gas. Natural gas that leaks out of distribution pipelines and during the production process is an even stronger greenhouse gas. We must reduce, and eventually eliminate, natural gas use in our homes and buildings to stop climate change.

What is the City doing to make progress on this indicator?


In Progress / Ongoing



  • Natural Gas Infrastructure Prohibition extension to additional building types beyond low-rise residential 

About the data


PG&E provides local governments with annual summaries of electricity and natural gas use by local customers.

Data on numbers of households in San José came from the California Department of Finance’s Demographics Unit


Households are included by PG&E based on service address. Due to the complex nature of San José’s incorporated boundary and its ZIP codes that overlap with other cities, there may be inaccuracies in the data. For instance, this data will include any properties with a San José service address that are located outside the incorporated city boundary. 

Last updated

May 2020