Our Nine Strategies

Climate Smart San José is organized around nine key strategies. Each strategy addresses a particular component of our emissions and water profile. Together, the strategies form an integrated path to reaching our Climate Smart goals.

The strategies are also the path to the San José our residents want:

  • A sustainable and Climate Smart city
  • A vibrant city of connected and focused growth
  • An economically inclusive city of opportunity
An infographic with the nine strategies of Climate Smart San Jose. The content is also provided as text below the infographic.

Infographic text for accessibility:

The nine strategies of Climate Smart San José:

1.1 Transitioning to a renewable energy future provides clean electricity that supplies the entire city

1.2 Embracing our Californian climate means creating an urban landscape, in our homes and public places, that is not just low water use, but attractive and enjoyable

2.1 Densifying our city in focused growth areas increases walkability and cycling and also makes our neighborhoods more vibrant, distinctive, and enjoyable

2.2 Making our homes energy efficient and fully electric can make them affordable for our families and more comfortable to live in

2.3 New technology can enable clean, electric, and personalized mobility choices that make it convenient to move between any two points in the city

2.4 Developing integrated, accessible public and active transport infrastructure reduces the dependency on the car to move within the city

3.1 Creating local jobs in our city makes it possible for our residents to work close to where they live, saving time, money, and gas spent commuting

3.2 Making our commercial buildings high-performance and siting them close to transit lowers water and energy use

3.3 Moving commercial goods through our city more efficiently with new technology and fleet management practices