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Energy: Renewable Energy in the Local Grid

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Why is this a Climate Smart indicator?

  • Increasing the amount of renewable energy provided by San José Clean Energy will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.
  • One of our Bold Goals is for San José Clean Energy to provide 100 percent greenhouse gas-free electricity to all customers by 2021.

What is the City doing to make progress on this indicator?


  • Launch service to municipal accounts in September 2018 (1,760 accounts; approximately 120 GWh annual usage)
  • Council Approval of 2019 GreenSource power mix, San José Clean Energy’s default service (45 percent renewable)
  • Open sign-ups for TotalGreen, San José Clean Energy’s 100 percent renewable service
  • Launch service to 308,000 residential and commercial customers in February 2019

In Progress / Ongoing

  • Enrollment of remaining customers, representing 20 percent of total load (2020)



About the data


The share of renewable energy in San José Clean Energy’s power mix is calculated based on its power procurement. Renewable energy transactions are governed by and recorded in the Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System (WREGIS), which is an independent, renewable energy tracking system for the region covered by the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC).

Last updated

December 2018